Here are a few quick tips to help make your packing and storage experience easy and stress-free.


  • Pack up one room at a time;
  • Give away or donate to a charity any clothes, furniture or other items that you no longer use or need;
  • Start packing well in advance and start with items you use the least.


  • Try to use the same size boxes for ease of stacking and space minimization;
  • Stack items in boxes in layers, heaviest on the bottom then medium and lightest on the top;
  • Place small boxes in large boxes;
  • Fill boxes completely. stuff open spaces with crushed paper to avoid any collapsing;
  • Don’t pack boxes too heavy so they are easier to lift (maximum 35-40Ibs);
  • Seal and secure all boxes with packing tape to avoid unexpected openings;
  • Mark boxes on several sides indicating the contents and what room they belong in;
  • When possible use specialty boxes for specific items (i.e. Wardrobe boxes for hanging garments).


  • Secure all moving parts on appliances and store in original container if possible;
  • Utilize inside of appliances and draws for storage space for small items and clothing;
  • Disassemble furniture as much as possible and place hardware in bags and tape to furniture;
  • Wrap furniture in blanket or sheet to protect from scratches while in storage;
  • Use appropriate storage covers for sofas. chairs. mattresses. etc.;
  • For larger appliances check with dealers for any special moving instructions;


  • Wrap items individually in clean newsprint or foam pouches. standard newspaper can smudge or dirty your items;
  • Check all wrapped items for exposed rims. edges or sharp points and rewrap if necessary;
  • Bundle 4-5 individually wrapped items in more paper for added protection;
  • Stack dishes on their sides and glasses rim down;
  • Put a 3-4 inch layer of cushioning in bottom of each box to protect items;
  • Fill boxes completely. stuff open spaces with crushed paper to avoid any collapsing;
  • Place FRAGILE sticker on several sides of each box;


  • Pack in original cartons whenever possible;
  • Pack components separately in amply cushioned boxes;
  • Label cables and tighten transit screws;
  • If removing small items place them in an envelope and tape them to the appropriate component;
  • Place FRAGILE sticker on several sides of each box;


  • Wrap large pictures and mirrors in paper and store lying flat;
  • Corners of mirrors need to be padded to avoid cracking and breaking;
  • Pack toiletries in a leak proof container;
  • Make sure all caps are on secure before packing;
  • Tie long handled garden tools together with rope or tape;
  • Drain all fluids from lawn and garden equipment.



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